Driftwood Wall Hanging (Druid’s Heart)

Brand: John Drifter
Product Code: Druid’s Heart
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This handmade wall hanging will add a touch of style to any wall. It is made of driftwood that has been weathered and worn, washed up on the shores of the Garden Route of South Africa. Each piece is carefully selected and placed, and each item is unique.

Dimensions of heart:

60cm x 65cm x 9cm

Please note:

  • We favour quality over quantity. Only one of each type of item is kept in stock at any given time. New stock is added if/when the artists decide to make more.

  • We support hand-made. Quirks and slight imperfections are to be expected (and encouraged).

  • Although we’ve taken care to display each item in accurate detail, colours may vary slightly from the photographs.

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