Handcrafted Natural Moisturizing Soap (Skin Soothe - African Chamomile, Lavender and Avocado)

Brand: Still Pure
Product Code: Skin Soothe - African Chamomile, Lavender and Avocado (100g)
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Not only are these bars of soap made from entirely natural, botanical, pure ingredients, but they are unique in that they don’t just clean, they moisturise while they clean.

Added to a base of olive oil & organic unrefined shea butter, each soap is boosted with exceptional moisturizing natural oils such as baobab, marula, jojoba, rose hip and many more.

Safe for use by vegans and all members of the family, even those with very sensitive skin.

Try them, you’ll soon settle for nothing else!

  • These soaps were handcrafted in the beautiful winelands of the Western Cape of South Africa

  • They are made with 100% natural ingredients

  • All ingredients are used in their purest form and are not diluted in any way

  • No animal products are used, nor are these products tested on animals

  • No artificial fragrances, preservatives or colours are used – and no petroleum based bi-products or detergents

  • These soaps are bio-degradable and the packaging is recyclable

  • Extra effort is made to source ingredients locally so as to support our South African farmers

Please note:

  • We favour quality over quantity. Only a few of each type of item is kept in stock at any given time. New stock is added if/when the handcrafters and artists decide to make more.
  • We support hand-made. Quirks and slight imperfections are to be expected (and encouraged).
  • Although we’ve taken care to display each item in accurate detail, colours may vary slightly from the photographs.

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