How to become a Seller

We are always looking for new artists and crafters to support.

Do you fit these criteria?

  1. You are based in South Africa
  2. You make your items by hand without mass production
  3. Your creations are entirely your own ideas and not stolen or borrowed from other artists. Inspiration is fine, copying is not.
  4. Your creations are not the type of items that you would find at most markets or that you would find in a shop
  5. You don’t supply your creations to any chain stores, franchises or big name brands

If all five of the above criteria are true, please send us an email with information about:

  • the items that you make
  • where you are located
  • whether you supply to other stores or websites
  • pricing suggestions for your items
  • photos of your best finished items

If you know of a local artist with a unique talent who would benefit from having their handmade items sold on our website, please contact us on their behalf. Much of our country’s talent is hidden in areas that don’t have easy access to the Internet, or even access to people who would like to buy their items. We would like to provide a platform for all original artists in South Africa to showcase their creations and hopefully earn a living doing what they love.

We look forward to hearing from you!